Helping HUD Make Public Housing Safe for Families
Business Process & Strategy

Helping HUD Make Public Housing Safe for Families

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Public and Indian Housing (PIH), Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC), Oversight and Evaluation Division (OED)

Our Challenge

The work of OED is to ensure that families who receive financial assistance from the federal government live in safe and decent housing. To accomplish this goal, the division oversees physical inspections of units in which such families will be housed. OED was mandated by Congress in 2016 to institute a new inspection process for public housing, and the mechanism by which the new processes are tested public is called the Uniform Physical Condition Standards for Vouchers (UPCS-V).  Public housing authorities, which control the units in which families receiving federal funds live, are able to sign up with OED to take part in the testing program. DFC assists OED in nearly every aspect of this program, such as creating the standards for it, governance, training, IT, auditing, and oversight.

The DFC team is working with OED to move from the old inspection process, called Housing Quality Standards (HQS), to the UPCS-V process. In 2016 Congress directed HUD to implement consistent inspection standards across all of its programs and to ensure proper oversight of Section 8 housing (for those receiving federal housing funds). The HUD Office of Inspector General found that the old standard was interpreted and applied in a variety of ways by different federal housing assistance programs.

Our Strategy

DFC has been working with REAC on the current inspection process to better understand what changes have been made to the process. We have applied the industry best practices when we created the new standards, performed stakeholder analysis, and now engage in governance, training, IT, auditing, and oversight on behalf of OED.

Our Results

DFC’s strategies have proven to be highly successful.  Currently, the team can boast the following achievements:

  • completion of a new 130-page UPCS-V Inspection protocol
  • implementation of a training program that has taught 11 public housing authorities about the new inspection regime
  • creation of an internal testing plan, which will provide scientific rigor in demonstrating that the new protocol is objective, accurate, and consistent